Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh my God! Is that really him?

Yes. Or at least this is the new him. Meet Candi, formerly Colin.

I didn't believe you! And 'Candi' seems so happy, does he - sorry, she - understand what has happened to him/her?

Oh Candi here understands perfectly that she was a lousy husband, but an excellent non-thinking and non-complaining general house-slave and lover. He enjoys cooking, cleaning, housework, and is expert at massage and oral sex. All-in-all, a very loyal, happy, loving wife.

It must have been amazingly hard to take him this far?

Not at all. Very simple inductions and showing him the pictures and magazines he used to keep hidden from me. I chose one of his favourite girls and formed a link between his liking for her and a desire to be her. A lot of what you see he did to himself really. All I needed to do was point him in the right direction. And, of course, Candi in the pictures was a bit of a bimbo, so Colin here just HAD to be the same. 

That is amazing. And you said 'lover' ?

Yes, Candi here is 100% gay, 'she' has always liked girls, and I saw no reason to change that

Hmmmm, my Jim has been a bit of a disapointment in the sex department recently, and never sets foot in the kitchen except to get a beer out of the fridge, maybe you two could have a chat someday soon?

I am sure we could dear, and if you could provide me with a picture to use as a template, I am sure I can do something about his attitude. 


He had tried to run. He had tried to hide. But it was no use, it was never any use. The advance invading force of the Delmondians  were relentless. Already over 40% of the worlds population had been caught by the fearful 'femmemould' the crawling, unsleeping tar like substance that once in contact with you never lets go, that covers and infiltrates everybody it comes in contact with. He knew his fate was already sealed, He had seen the warning films that the world's governments had issued. He knew he was lost, and that soon the mould would form him into whatever shape the Delmondians wanted, and that the 'persuaders' would be upon him with their 'peaceful hegemony helmet' to alter his thoughts as much as his body.
He was petrified, but then the mould slipped inside him, and he realised that there could be worse ends.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


There! All done. I really wish you boys had been smiling more though when I cast the spell. I think Peter there was the only one of you who quite enjoyed the change happening. At least he doesn't look as pissed off as you, Marty and Fraser. Well, the plus side for Peter is he gets played with more than you other two - what girl wants their dollies to look grumpy?  

I wonder if you are actually still in there, knowing what happened to you, or did the spell turn your petty little minds plastic too?  Well, boys, the spell cost me three weeks' pocket money, and the spell to undo it is even more expensive - so make the best of it, ok?  And I hope that when and if I change you back you stop messing with my toys! 

Hubby's Cleaning Club

Thats is, hold it......*click*

Ok, everybody, relax, that will be one for the album. Hopefully the next shot will include me and dear Andrew out of his cage and into a nice uniform. I really have to thank you ladies for letting me join the club, I was at my wits end with Andy and his womanising. This is the best solution for all. I don't have to worry about his whereabouts or where that dick of his is, he doesn't pay for a divorce, I get to decide what we spend his income on, and if my house looks as clean as yours then I get more leisure time too!

Best Mates

Rick looked at his best mate Tim, he tried to keep smiling like he had been told, but the effort was killing him.

'Best mate my arse' he thought. 'Gambling a months rent away in one night of poker with the landlord. And that creepy bastard landlord then demanding they repay ''in kind'' at his club. What could they do? No money, no flat if they refused, no credit to draw on - it was a stuggle enough to pay the rent as it was without having to find the extra month. And to cap it all here he was dressed in this bloody outfit with his cock painfully tucked away and his hair shaved off - and just to put the icing on the cake Tim looked so much better than him! Tomorrow night I want the red outfit and wig!'

Monday, July 29, 2013


Jesus. look at me!  I'm a total hottie!  The blurb from Nirvana Tech was right, they really do deliver what they promise, and more. I'm damned near almost irrististible.  Hell, I even fancy myself.
So you should Simone
mmm, now think, Simon, what do we do now?  Stay in and explore this body or go out clubbing and find out what it can experience?
Go out Simone, go get to know what it truly feels like to be a godess
Rght, think clearly Simon - get a grip- no good having this body unless it is seen and admired, is it?
Ok, so. Out iit is then. And then sex. Loads of sex, I want to experience a female orgasm so much.
Thats right Simone, it is clear now
Shit. That means I need a cock, and I'm still a man, whatever I look like. I bloody hate homosexuals. Any guy gets his cock out in front of me gets it bitten off
I mean he gets a good kick in the balls. Bloody homos should be shot! No, I'm straight - women only for me
But you are a woman Simone
Damn! Ok, think it through. Lesbians are a waste of good flesh, but taking a man is off the agenda. Shit, I should have thought this through!
It's empty down below Simone, isn't it?
Does it make me gay if I fuck a man or two as a female? What about if I sucked but didn't swallow? What about a threesome - then it sort of evens out?
Now you are thinking Simone
Ok, right. going out, maybe a threesome, maybe just a bit of cock-sucking,so long as it is a decent sized cock, I don't want some small-time Joe, not for a first time.
First time Simone? Planning more are you?
A threesome? Now thats an idea. Where can I find two decent hunky guys to go along with that?
Did I just decide to do two guys? Shit this is wierd

Winner Takes It All

That's right boys, go for it!

Remember, whoever gives the best blow-job gets to return to their own bodies and leave here with the £25,000. The loser stays as he is now and can forget( at least until the next challenger comes along) leaving here at all and paying the forfeit.

My my Peter, I do believe you backed off a little there. Do I detect a little reluctance to leave quite yet or maybe you hate what you are doing? I wonder if Fraser here is that desperate for the money, or if he just loves the sucking more than you. Either way, unless you swallow your pride (and a lot else too) it seems you will be staying with me for a little while longer, and I cant say I am upset at the prospect - you have a very inviting ass.